Vineela’s Uday


"The experience with the team is so good that I feel photos are a bonus.''

Fate brings people together no matter how far they are...In November 2019, Vineela and Uday met each other in a simple traditional arranged meeting in the presence of their parents.

Vineela complains that he looked at the food more that he looked at her and that he was really in love with her family and had a long chat with them. Although Uday knew she is the one he was looking for by then. Before saying 'yes' they met each other the next day at Starbucks, their conversation went on for good 6 hours-time just flew by...also they were wearing matching colored outfits for the second time in row and it was their second meet. They call it coincidence but we believe it was the universe telling them that they suit each other.

Vineela and Uday are 2 people with a striking balance of cheerfulness and calmness. She is expressive and he is shy. She is impulsive and he is patient. She is old school and he is modern. They are the pieces of a puzzle that complete each other.

They both are a Tom and Jerry couple, extremely fun and comic. In an interview with us, Uday said that his favorite thing about Vineela is that she hates desserts because, now, he can have them all for himself.

And Vineela says she is the one to do all the boyfriend duties in the relationship. She is the one who proposed him first. She is one who apologizes first after a fight and sends him flowers.

Even though it seems like an arranged marriage, its actually a bit of love marriage too. Because of the pandemic their wedding got pushed and they got an entire year to date. Their couple shoot was probably their 3rd or 4th meet but it was right then they realized they were in love. Well, their pics are evident of this.

This lively couple's pictures are as lovely as them. From their forehead kiss during thalambralu to their fire-cracker of an entry during sangeet, or the bittersweet tears during appaginthalu -their wedding journey is heartwarming and emotional.

Check out their soulful wedding album to fall in love with them just like us.

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