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We couldn’t help but gush over the duo’s palpable chemistry in their photos.

Where do we even start? This cross cultural telugu wedding between Vaishnavi & Supreeth was all kinds of wonderful-right from hearing their movie-like love story to shooting their intimate, yet grand wedding. All through, we couldn’t help but gush over the duo’s palpable chemistry in their photos. It was truly a celebration of two souls in love.
Vaishnavi and Supreeth’s love story has a very delightful beginning. They had met each other in Kentucky as colleagues. When they first met, he didn’t even look at her. But she went to his desk, saw his ID and Skyped him to car pool. She thought he was a nerd, but as fate would have it- they became the bestest of friends over time and eventually fell in love.
The Groom’s Perspective
“In the initial days, I was the one who used to do a lot of the talking, and she was the calm one, an introvert. But I think she pretended to be an introvert because now she does a lot of the talking, which I really enjoy. From the day I saw her I was smitten by her and honestly thought I did not have a shot with her. But as days passed, we became close friends and after a few months we moved away to different states for work. While she was in Kentucky, I had moved to Indianapolis. I used travel alot but made sure I was in touch with her.
Whenever she asked me about my travel, i used to come up with some dumb excuses like ‘I came to celebrate Holi’ and ‘I’m here to meet some other friends’, etc. After a few months i got a job in Dallas and moved back. Once I had moved back we started to hang out a lot and one fine day I proposed to her and the rest is history. Apart from her beautiful looks, I enjoy her company, her sense of humour and the way she mimicks every situation and I like the way she plans everything.
The Bride’s perspective 
While meeting each other was indeed magical, we took our time to know each other. He made all the efforts he could. He used to learn to cook for me. Although I never believed in long distance, he alway made sure to stay by my side, constantly cheering me up and never gave up on me even during all the ups and downs that life threw at us. This is a quality I have always wanted in my life partner, and this was when I realised that I had been dating him all along. It was too magical finding a best friend for life, for real. Once we decided upon it, we introduced our families which jelled wonderfully with each other. 
And then Covid struck and countries started closing all means of travel but the couple wanted to get married with the blessings of their grand parents. In our conversation, Vaishnavi told us how lucky she feels to have her grandparents from both sides by her and how it was important it was for her to cherish her wedding moments with them. They waited no matter how tough it got, withstanding the test of time in their stride and finally got married 2021.
Even amidst all the chaos of the world they were happy to be with each other and happy that everything went well.

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