We are Shriyak Photography

A team of fine art photographers and documentary filmmakers who have chosen weddings as the subject of our craft and expertise. With our obsessive focus on the aesthetics and the narrative of the wedding, we are one of the most preferred wedding photographers in South India. We are the master craftsmen who can blend real life wedding customs with beautiful narratives that resonate with the audience. For us, authenticity is at the core of what we do, and human relationships at the heart of our vision.

Our Vision

More than cinematic lenses and trending filters, we are focused on celebrating the significance of the wedding for the bride and the groom. Our expert team are craftsmen in different aspects of event coverage, and will ensure that no detail of the event is left out. But throughout all this, we are but bees on the wall, observing and capturing your delightful story without becoming a distracting presence. Basically, we are here to ensure that you can celebrate your wedding without having to worry about how the pictures and videos will turn out. 

Each wedding is a maelstrom of live emotions for the families, and especially for the bride and the groom. At Shriyak Photography, we are committed to capturing these real life emotions on one of the most important days of your lives.

Weddings are the perfect beginnings for happy marriages, and they bring together so many aspects of the bride’s and the groom’s life, that it is in itself a beautiful story worth recording. As a part of your wedding, we are committed to providing you the real life story of the occasion that you can cherish forever.

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Interior Agency of the Year

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year


Best Industrial Object Design

Creative Landscape Composition


Agency of the Year

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Production Company of the Year

Design Agency of the Year


Creative Landscape Composition

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year

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