Deepika’s Pattabhi


Their joy and love is infectious and clearly resonates in every frame.

Deepika and Pattabhi fit together like pieces in a puzzle. They are vastly different people yet uncannily similar and it's beautiful.

In a conversation with them, Pattabhi told us that for him an ideal date would be to wake up early and to go on a hike in nature. While for Deepika it'd be a cozy movie night. Deepika is vivacious, bubbly and a little clumsy while Pattabhi is a cool, calm and an organised guy. Funnily enough, Deepika told us that if they both were movie directors.. she would be RGV and he would be Koratala Shiva (we laughed so hard at this comparison). They both connect through their goofiness, and their dream is  to wake up every morning together, side by side. Indeed a beautiful answer.. isn’t it? Their story started when their parents decided to play cupid and had arranged a meeting for them. Deepika & Pattabhi flew from two different countries to New York for their blind date 6 months prior to their wedding.. then at work came the law of magnetism. There weren’t any sparks flying or violins playing as they met, but one good conversation was what drew them to each other. Five months later, one fine midnight in Vegas, Pattabhi planned anxiously to propose to her on his knees in front of a grand fountain outside a casino. But when Deepika said she was tired to stroll around anymore, he instead proposed to her in a cab.

One month later, they were back to India and the sacred bond was finally tied. We are humbled to be part of their quirky yet intimate journey. Although the groom fell sick one week prior the wedding, although the bride cried her eyes out in her Mehandi due to unexpected climate ruining her decor, and though were a number of mishaps, they told us they had awesome fun and that they rejoiced every second of it. Their joy and love is infectious and clearly resonates in every frame. Check them out.

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