Akhila’s Pranay


Their wedding was all about two people celebrating love and friendship - it was beautiful and heartwarming. Like a whimsical fairytale.

The universe has a way of aligning you with the people who are meant to be around, that's probably how... Akhila met Pranay. “Like attracts like and we attract just what we are in mind” Akhila and Pranay are so similar in so many ways, they are both calm- composed and their interests collide as well. They bond over travel, workout, food, adventure and idealogies. When they are together, its like nothing else matters. In our conversation, they mentioned even their favourite event from their wedding was the same. Their engagement party at their farm house was an intimate event, with only their close-knit family members celebrating them. What made this quintessential wedding even more magical was their family & friends. With giggles and cheers, they brightened every moment of it and celebrated their love. We thank the lovely couple for having us along to document the amazing chapter of their intimate journey.

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